Nothing says permanence like tile flooring

Do you want a floor that will wear like iron, be impervious to water, and yet is both elegant and classic in its appearance? Then there is a tile store in Wytheville, VA that you will want to visit. Why? It is because they have options in flooring that will give your Virginian cottage the feel of a Roman villa.

An ancient floor with modern benefits

Ceramic flooring goes as far back as ancient Egypt and was used all over the ancient world. Many of these floors are still in existence today…thousands of years later. And just imagine, if these floors have held up from antiquity, think how well your new ceramic floor will last, given modern design improvements and glazing techniques. And that is not to mention the many styles and textures from which you can choose as you are designing your space.

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Porcelain tile, another permanent alternative

Porcelains are very similar to ceramics and just as ancient, except they originated in China as opposed to Egypt. These tiles are slightly more dense, yet they retain all of the benefits and the beauty of their ceramic cousins. Further, there is a whole range of options when it comes to styles, colors, and textures available.

From the chisel to Fort Chiswell, don’t forget to look at stone

A visit to Wythe Carpet Sales and Service wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t check out our lines of stone flooring. These provide an additional option when it comes to permanent flooring, one that again goes back to antiquity. And here is an option that works as great outdoors as it does indoors if you are also looking to redo a patio or other outdoor space.
Tile from Wytheville, VA from Wythe Carpet Sales and Service

Not just for floors

One of the beauties of tile flooring is that you are not limited to just floors. They are ideal for backsplashes, countertops, and walls where you want a durable and waterproof surface. Designs can also be a part of your design as many tiles are well suited to be mixed and matched to create breathtaking designs to stylize your room to your singular tastes. All down the I-81 corridor of southwestern Virginia, from Blacklick to Crockett to Wytheville to Fort Chiswell and Max Meadows, Wythe Carpet Sales and Service is the tile store that has it all. Come visit us. Our experienced sales staff will walk you through every step of the process to find the right tile flooring for you.
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