Seeing is believing; the beauty of laminate flooring

Laminate floors have truly come into an era of their own. The models of today look and feel like hardwood, tile, slate, and even stone. If you didn’t know better, you might not know exactly what kind of floor you happen to be standing upon. Come to our showroom in Wytheville, VA, we’ll make a believer out of you.

The best of both worlds

Whether your focus is price or performance, laminate wood flooring excels in both. They are durable, with long-lasting wear warranties and they are highly resistant to water. Also, they won’t break your budget as you are looking into your flooring options. They are a great choice either for main, high-traffic rooms or for your entire home.

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How high can you count?

Unless you are a math whiz, you might not be able to count all of the possible options that you have before you when it comes to laminate flooring. Think about it, some of it looks and feels like ordinary wood planks, but let’s not stop there. There are varieties designed to mimic the look of oak, ash, pine, and walnut to name just a few. But we aren’t done there. Some of the laminate is designed to look like ceramic tile. And thus, you can create a space in your kitchen or another area that looks like tile but is made from laminate flooring. Further, some options make the laminate look like slate and stone. Seeing is believing; we have the best laminate flooring in the region.

A floating floor

What is a floating floor, you might ask? A floating floor is a floor that is attached to itself rather than the subfloor below it. This design carries with it the advantage of being able to be laid over pretty much any subfloor you might have in your house. And yes, that means that you can put laminate floors in your below-grade basements. Your options are wide open.

Whether you are looking for a floor that is inexpensive yet classy or for a floor that will withstand the wear and tear of an active family, you will want to explore your options in laminate wood flooring. No matter if you live in Wytheville where our showroom is located, as far east as Fort Chiswell and Max Meadows or as far west as Crockett and Blacklick (or anywhere in between!), Wythe Carpet Sales and Service has flooring options to suit your needs. Why not give us a visit and see for yourself?